Author Interviews

This is a list of all the author interviews appearing on my blog, from most recent to oldest.  The book titles in brackets were either their current releases or the first book in their series.


Ann Leckie (Ancillary Justice)
Jaime Lee Moyer (Delia's Shadow)
Jason Hough (The Darwin Elevator)
Samantha Shannon (The Bone Season)
Mark Lawrence (Prince of Thorns)
Will McIntosh (Love Minus Eighty)
Jenn Bennett (Kindling the Moon)
Wesley Chu (The Lives of Tao)
Chandler Klang Smith (Goldenland Past Dark)
Julie Czerneda (A Turn of Light)
Andrew Post (Knuckleduster)
Kerry Schafer (Between)
Lee Collins (The Dead of Winter)
Christopher Farnsworth (Blood Oath)


Allison Pang (A Brush of Darkness)
Daniel O'Malley (The Rook)
Steve Bein (Daughter of the Sword)
Adam Christopher (Seven Wonders)
Alex Hughes (Clean)
Benedict Jacka (Fated)
James R. Tuck (Blood and Bullets)
Madeline Ashby (vN)
T. C. Tombs (The Pack)
Rhiannon Held (Silver)
Linda Poitevin (Sins of the Angels)
Ryan Oakley (Technicolor Ultra Mall)
Stephen Wallenfels (POD)
A. M. Dellamonica (Indigo Springs)
Anne Lyle (Alchemist of Souls)
Michael Sullivan (Thief of Swords)
Tobias Buckell (Arctic Rising)
David Tallerman (Giant Thief)
Myke Cole (Shadow Ops: Control Point)
Rod Rees (Demi-Monde: Winter)
Sabrina Benulis (Archon)


Michael Rowe (Enter, Night)
Lev A. C. Rosen (All Men Of Genius)
Michael Dempsey (Necropolis)
Aliette de Bodard (Servant of the Underworld)
Trent Jamieson (Roil)
Jo Anderton (Debris)
Patrick A. Vanner (Ragnarok)
Guy Haley (Reality 36)
T. C. McCarthy (Germline)
Kevin Hearne (Hounded)
Brent Hayward (The Fecund's Melancholy Daughter)
David Nickle (Eutopia: A Novel of Terrible Optimism)
Peter Orullian (The Unremembered)
Lisa Shearin (Con and Conjure)
Thomas Sniegoski (A Hundred Words for Hate)
Jaye Wells (Green-Eyed Demon)
S. Andrew Swann (Messiah)
Jon Courtenay Grimwood (The Fallen Blade)
Laura Bynum (Veracity)
Nancy Holzner (Hellforged)


Rachel Neumeier (Law of the Broken Earth)
Colin Harvey (Damage Time)
Skyler White (In Dreams Begin)
William Dietz (Bones of Empire)
Claire Delacroix aka: Deborah Cooke (Rebel)
Jesse Petersen (Married With Zombies)
Rowena Cory Daniells (The Usurper)
Ed Greenwood (Elminster Must Die)
Kelley Armstrong (Waking the Witch) and Marjorie M. Liu (A Wild Light)
Gemma Files (Book of Tongues)
K. A. Stewart (A Devil in the Details)
Stacia Kane (Unholy Ghosts)
David Williams (The Machinery of Light)
J. A. Pitts (Black Blade Blues)
Douglas Clark (Neverland)
Guy Gavriel Kay (Under Heaven)
Blake Charlton (Spellwright)
N. K. Jemison (Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
James Knapp (State of Decay)
Robert Jackson Bennett (Mr. Shivers)
Margaret Ronald (Wild Hunt)

Jeff Carlson (Plague Zone)
Kelly Gay (The Better Part of Darkness)
Mark Teppo (Lightbreaker)
R. A. Salvatore (Orc King)
Gail Carriger (Soulless)
John Ringo (Eye of the Storm)
Freda Warrington (Elfland)
Joe Abercrombie (The Blade Itself)
Tony Ballantyne (Recursion)
Faith Hunter (Bloodring)
Brandon Sanderson (Elantris)
A. J. Hartley (Act of Will)
Robert J. Sawyer (WWW:Wake)
Matthew Sturges (Midwinter)
Peter Brett (Warded Man/Painted Man)
Bernardine Evaristo (Blonde Roots)

Brent Weeks (Way of Shadows)
Chad Corrie (Seer's Quest)
Lynda Williams (Courtesan Prince)
C. L. Wilson (Lord of the Fading Lands)
Violette Malan (Mirror Prince)
Mark L. Van Name (One Jump Ahead)
Chris Evans (A Darkness Forged In Fire)
Kevin J. Anderson (The Edge of the World)
R. Scott Bakker (The Darkness That Comes Before)
Rob Thurman (Nightlife)
Jim Hines interviews me!
Maria Snyder (Poison Study
John Varley (Rolling Thunder)
Jim C. Hines (Goblin Quest)
Edward Willett (Terra Insegura)
Gail Martin (Summoner)
Paul Chafe (Genesis)
Carol Berg (Transformation)

Joel Shepherd (Crossover)
Joshua Palmatier (Skewed Throne)