Reading Lists

These links are for reading lists I've posted in the past.  I haven't updated them, but there are still some great books to be found if you like a particular sub-genre.

Canadian Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Authors
If You Like... Try... (x4)
Ontario Speculative Fiction Authors
If You Like... Try... (x3)
Superpowers Reading List
Special Needs in Strange Worlds
Female Science Fiction Author Reading List
Dystopian Fiction
If You Like... Try... (x2)
Paranormal Mysteries
Starved for SF?
SFF GLBTQ Reading List - expanded
If You Like... Reading (or Gift) Suggestions
SFF GLBT reading List
Debut Authors From May to September 2010
Apocalyptic / Post-Apocalyptic
Debut Authors Reading List III (May 2010)
Horrors of Growing Up (kids & teens going through VERY tough times)
Love Among the Stars (Romantic Sci-Fi)
Debut Authors Reading List II (Dec 2009)
Death is Quite A Character (where 'Death' is a character)
Steampunk part 1, part 2
Fantasy On the High Seas
Literary Vampire novels
Authors to Watch For  (June 2009)
Epic Fantasy to Watch Out For (May 2009)
Not Your Children's Fairy Tales
Christmas SF & F
Pulp SF and Fantasy
New Authors Reading List (July 2008)
Writer's Resources (books on the writing craft)
It All Started On A Farm (SFF novels that start on a farm)
Not Quite Human (ie, cyborgs, etc.)
Urban Fantasy P.I.'s
Alternate History
Arthurian Legends (Arthur & the Round Table)
Space Opera
Time Travel