Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Christmas Fantasy & Sci-Fi Reading List

Looking for some holiday reading to get into the Christmas spirit?

I went through the SF section a few weeks ago looking for books to display. There were numerous mystery novels so I was hoping for a decent endcap of sci-fi stuff. In retrospect, given how these books take place in other worlds it shouldn't have surprisesd me how few there'd be. I guess it's surprising there are so many. I'm sure there are books I didn't find, so if you know of ones that didn't make my list please comment them. Here are the books in no particular order.

Carol For Another Christmas
- Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Hogfather - Terry Pratchett
A Yuletide Universe - Brian Thomsen, ed.
Miracle & Other Christmas Stories - Connie Willis
Wolfsbane & Mistletoe - Charlaine Harris & Toni Kelner, ed.
A War of Gifts - Orson Scott Card
The Claus Effect - David Nickle & Karl Schroeder
The Stupidest Angel - Christopher Moore (not shelved in sci-fi, but applicable)
The Frost-Haired Vixen - John Zakour
Dr Who: Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas - Cavan Scott & Mark Wright, ed.

Added in February 2013:

Krampus: The Yule Lord - Brom
Season of Wonder - Paula Guran, Ed.
A Cosmic Christmas - Hank Davis, Ed.
A War of Gifts - Orson Scott Card
Wolfsbane & Mistletoe - Charlaine Harris & Toni L. P. Kelner, Ed.


S.M.D. said...

You know, in all honesty I expected this to be an entirely different list (one of those "these are my recommendations for the year" rather than a "actual Holiday/Xmas books list").

What a surprise indeed. I didn't know there were enough Xmas specific books to make a list like that...

AHS said...

Very nice list! Thank you for sharing it. I would also recommend Kage Baker's In the Garden of Iden, in which much of the climactic action centers around the holiday season.

Zappa Dust said...

The Father Christmas Letters by Tolkien