Sunday, 16 March 2008

Not Quite Human

Here's another Sci-Fi reading list for those interested in robots, cyborgs, etc. Since a lot of people seem to be checking out the reading lists without looking over the rest of the site, let me explain what this is and is not. This is not a comprehensive list of all books involving robots, cyborgs, clones and similar things. That would be impossible. Rather this is a list I created for a display in store (involving about 40 titles). The titles are (generally) restricted to what is available in store, what is in print and what I, as a bookseller, have knowledge of (I can't add a book I've never heard of). I sometimes add books I've done searches for, but not often. Feel free to leave comments with other books you've read and think people would enjoy if they are interested in this topic. As always, authors are in no particular order.

Isaac Asimov - I, Robot, Caves of Steel, Naked Sun, Robot Dreams, Robots of Dawn...
Joel Shepherd - Crossover, Breakaway, Killswitch
Philip K. Dick - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (aka Blade Runner)
K. W. Jeter - Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human
John Sladek - The Complete Rodrick
Garth Nix - Shade's Children
Marge Piercy - He, She and It
Tanith Lee - Silver Metal Lover, Metalic Love

Justina Robson - Keeping it Real, Selling Out
Elizabeth Bear - Scardown, Hammered, Worldwired
Jeff Somers - Electric Church

William Dietz - Legion of the Damned, Final Battle, By Blood Alone...
Steven Kent - Clone Republic, Rogue Clone, Clone Alliance
James Beauseigneur - In His Image, Birth of an Age, Acts of God
Various - Star Wars clone wars novels

David Brin - Kiln People, Postman (uses augments, but it's not readily apparent)
Richard Morgan - Black Man (augment - genetically enhanced human)
Nick Sagan - Idlewild, Edenborn, Everfree (bioengineered humans)

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