Friday, 26 April 2013

Strange Chemistry Will Open for Unagented Submissions

Strange Chemistry is doing it again...

Strange Chemistry Unagented Submissions 2013

Okay, I know that some of you have been waiting for a long while for this announcement! Strange Chemistry is once again opening to unagented YA submissions. We opened to unagented submissions last year and, although a number of novels came close, none of them completely matched what we were looking for, but this has not deterred us from trying again!
This year the unagented submission period will last for SIX months. It is opening on May 1st and closing 31st October. This gives you half a year to prepare the best submission you are able. If your novel is not quite ready right now, please take the time to polish and give yourself the very best chance of publication.
We are also opening up to thrillers, crimes and contemporary YA as well as our customary SF and fantasy.
Your submission package:
– one page, containing your name, address, social media outlets and a one line pitch for your novel
– two pages, containing your two page synopsis of your novel
– 5 chapters of your novel, or 10,000 words (depending on the length of your chapters)
This is ALL we want to see.
Because we’re opening the submission period for longer and to a wider variety of novels, we will be incredibly strict with submissions. If you do not provide everything asked for above, your novel will be rejected. If you provide more than asked for above, your novel will be rejected.
There's a lot more information, including more details about submitting that they want you to read carefully and the submission email address on their website.

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