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Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in May, 2013

Since Indigo changed their website I can no longer use them for these posts.  After some consideration I've decided to try using the Canadian Amazon site.  This will - I assume - give me Canadian release dates (which is what I need when deciding subjects for my author interviews).  I did, however, notice some discrepancies between where Amazon files books (not needing to actually put them on a shelf) vs where I'd be shelving them at the store (most notably with general fiction books that have a speculative nature, for example: Christopher Brookmyre's new book, Bedlam).

I chose not to list the kindle short stories, but I did add the kindle original novels to the ebook section below.  On a few occasions no authors were listed for books, so I left those out.  Also, some books up for reprints on the list might actually be kindle releases (ie, in ebook format rather than in paperback).  It was often hard to tell which edition the listings were for.

I imagine I'll learn Amazon's quirks over time (as I did for Indigo).  In the meantime, I apologize for any inaccurate listings here.  If you notice a mistake or missing book, please mention it in the comments and I'll get it fixed.


Every Boy Should Have a Man – Preston Allen
Bedlam – Christopher Brookmyre
Guardian – Jack Campbell
Mythica: Dark Uprising – Scott Colley
Magician's End – Raymond Feist
Portal – Eric Flint & Ryk Spoor
Dead Ever After – Charlaine Harris
The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black – E. B. Hudspeth
Deeply Odd – Dean Koontz
Star Wars: Into the Void – Tim Lebbon
The God Tattoo – Tom Lloyd
I Travel by Night – Robert McCammon
Tunnel Out of Death – Jamil Nasir
Red Moon – Benjamin Percy
The Gist – Michael Marshall Smith
Shadows of Falling Night – S. M. Stirling
The Fall of Arthur – J. R. R. Tolkien & Christopher Tolkien

Trade Paperback:

Albert of Adelaide – Howard Anderson
The Bone Chime Song and other Stories – Joanne Anderton, Ed.
Nebula Awards Showcase 2013 – Catherine Asaro, Ed.
Zero Point – Neal Asher
Hello America – J. G. Ballard (reprint)
The Drowned World – J. G. Ballard (reprint)
The Unlimited Dream Company – J. G. Ballard (reprint)
The Garden Stones – Mark Barnes
Moxyland – Lauren Beukes
The Televisionary Oracle – Rob Brezsny
Intelligent Designing for Amateurs – Nimue Brown
Vyrkarion – J. A. Cullum
Gateway of the Saviours – A. J. Dalton
The Fictional Man – Al Ewing
Of Death and Beauty – Barbara Grenfell Fairhead
Star Trek: Into Darkness – Alan Dean Foster
Goodbye for Now – Laurie Frankel
The Stranger's Magic – Max Frei
Warhammer 40K: Baneblade – Guy Haley
Shadow of Night – Deborah Harkness
Light – M. John Harrison
The Wall – Marlen Haushofer (reprint)
Tarnished – Rhiannon Held
The Dog Stars – Peter Heller
Wolfhound Century – Peter Higgins
Shield of Sea and Space – Erin Hoffman
The Shambling Guide to New York City – Mur Lafferty
Rebirth – Sophie Littlefield
Love Among the Particles – Norman Lock
Eladria – Rory MacKay
The Human Front – Ken MacLeod
The Disappearances – Gemma Malley
Zombie Versus Fairy Featuring Albinos – James Marshall
The Daedalus Incident – Michael Martinez
The Shifting Price of Prey – Suzanne McLeod
Warhammer: Elves Omnibus – Graham McNeill
Ghost Spin – Chris Moriarty 
Children of the Gates – Andre Norton (reprint)
Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch – Steve Parker
Samantha Moon Rising – J. R. Rain
Lady of the Forest – Jennifer Roberson (reprint)
Adam Robots: Short Stories – Adam Roberts
The Red Plague Affair – Lilith Saintcrow
Dr. Who: Who-ology – Cavan Scott & Mark Wright
Warriors – Barbara Galler Smith & Josh Langston
Prepare to Die! – Paul Tobin
The Sea and Summer – George Turner
Destiny Quest: The Legion of Shadow – Michael Ward
House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion – David Weber
Unclean Spirits – Chuck Wendig
One Small Step: An Anthology of Discoveries – Tehani Wessely
The Place of Dead Kings – Geoffrey Wilson
Sorry Please Thank You – Charles Yu
The Legend of Snow Wolf: Redemption – F. Lit Yu 

Mass Market Paperback:

Fiery Edge of Steel – Jill Archer
Binding the Shadows – Jenn Bennett
Generation V – M. L. Brennan
Ride the Star Winds – A. Bertram Chandler
DragonLance: Protecting Palanthas – Douglas Clark (reprint)
The Lost Fragrance – Amit DasGupta
Fringe: The Zodiac Paradox – Christa Faust
Eberron: Marked for Death – Matt Forbeck
Starcraft II: Flashpoint – Christie Golden
Forgotten Realms: Elminster Enraged – Ed Greenwood
The Havoc Machine – Steven Harper
The Mist-Torn Witches – Barb Hendee
DragonLance: Flight of the Fallen – Mary Herbert (reprint)
DragonLance: The Clandestine Circle – Mary Herbert (reprint)
Alien in the House – Gini Koch
Assassins' Dawn – Stephen Leigh
Star Trek: The Shocks of Adversity – William Leisner
The Price of Peace – Mike Moscoe
The Red Menace – James Mullaney & Mark Maddox
Tempest Reborn – Nicole Peeler
Blue Remembered Earth – Alastair Reynolds
Silence – Michelle Sagara
The Eighth Court – Mike Shevdon
Life on the Preservation – Jack Skillingstead
Elfhome – Wen Spencer
The Craving – Jason Starr
Fearsome Journeys: The New Solaris Book of Fantasy – Jonathan Strahan, Ed.
DragonLance – The Middle of Nowhere - Paul Thompson (reprint)
Wizard's Fate – Paul Thompson & Tonya Cook
War Maid's Choice – David Weber
Eberron: Rise of the Seventh Moon – Rich Wulf
Flight of the Dying Sun – Rich Wulf

ebook (Kindle originals and Carina press): 

Aurora: Darwin – Amanda Bridgeman
Motions of a Reckless Soul – Zachary James Davis
How Beauty Loved the Beast – Jax Garren
Nova Swing – John Harrison
The Brazen Amazon – Sandy James
Dreamer – Patrick O'Scheen
Deep Deception – Cathy Pegau
The Stolen Luck – Shawna Reppert
Journey of Dominion – Shawna Thomas
Journey of Dominion – Shawna Thomas

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