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Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in April, 2013

Wow, how time flies.  It's the first of March already!  As always this list is compiled from the Indigo website (with the exception of the Carina Press books), and so reflects Canadian release dates.  I try to keep things accurate but mistakes do happen.  There are a lot of Philip K. Dick reprints coming, as well as a few others including a 20th anniversary signed limited edition of David Weber's On Basilisk Station.


Protector – C. J. Cherryh
London Falling – Paul Cornell
Over My Head – Charles De Link
The Heretic – David Drake
The Wreck of the River of Stars – Michael Flynn
Blood of Dragons – Robin Hobb
Appalachian Overthrow – E. E. Knight
Without A Summer – Mary Robinette Kowal
The Forever Knight – John Marco
Promise of Blood – Brian McClellan
Stepping Stone / Love Machine – Walter Mosley
Adam Roberts: Short Stories – Adam Roberts
Necessary Evil – Ian Tregillis
Grail of the Summer Stars – Freda Warrington
On Basilisk Station 20th Anniversary Limited Edition – David Weber
The Once and Future King – T. H. White (reprint)
Warhammer 40K: Blood of Asaheim – Chris Wraight

Trade Paperback:

Warhammer: Gilead's Blood – Dan Abnett
Zero Point – Neal Asher
The Battle of Blood and Ink – Jared Axelrod
Zippo – Mathieu Blais
Echo – Alicia Wright Brewster
The Devil's Looking-glass – Mark Chadbourn
Ex-patriots – Peter Clines
Hauntings – Ellen Datlow, Ed.
Warhammer 40K: Betrayer – Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick – Philip K. Dick
A Maze of Death – Philip K. Dick (reprint)
Clans of the Alphane Moon – Philip K. Dick (reprint)
Deus Irae – Philip K. Dick (reprint)
Dr. Futurity – Philip K. Dick (reprint)
Galactic Pot-Healer – Philip K. Dick (reprint)
New Taboos – John Shirley (reprint)
Our Friends from Frolix 8 – Philip K. Dick (reprint)
Immobility – Brian Evenson
The Messiah Game – Tom Flynn
Weird Detectives: Recent Investigations – Neil Gaiman
Fire With Fire – Charles Gannon
The Exiled Blade – Jon Courtenay Grimwood
The Night Land – William Hope Hodgson
Some Kind of Fairy Tale – Graham Joyce
Trio of Sorcery – Mercedes Lackey 
The Bone Triangle – B. V. Larson
The Meat Tree – Gryneth Lewis
Etruscans – Morgan Llweyln & Michael Scott
The Human Front – Ken MacLeod (reprint)
The Stone Thrower – Adam Marek
Through the Door – Jodi McIsaac
Railsea – China Mieville
The Land Leviathan – Michael Moorcock
A Matter of Blood – Sarah Pinborogh
The Warrior Who Carried Life – Geoff Ryman
A Stranger in Olondria – Sofia Samatar
The God Patent – Ransom Stephens
Murder on Olympus – Robert Warren

Mass Market Paperback:

Bronze Gods – A. A. Aguirre
Rogue Descendant – Jenna Black
The Serene Invasion – Eric Brown
Invincible – Jack Campbell
Earth Unaware – Orson Scott Card
Splingegrate – Deborah Christian
The Lives of Tao – Wesley Chu
Deep Space – Ian Douglas
The Chaos Crystal – Jennifer Fallon
Plague Nation – Dana Fredsti
After Earth: A Perfect Beast – Michael Jan Friedman
Graveyard Child – M. L. N. Hanover
The Star Beast – Robert Heinlein (reprint)
Silver – Rhiannon Held
Sharp – Alex Hughes
Blood Trade – Faith Hunter
Desperation – Stephen King (reprint)
Dark Days – Caitlin Kittredge
World Divided – Mercedes Lackey
Star Trek: The Folded World – Jeff Mariotte
Echoes of Betrayal – Elizabeth Moon
Crucible of God – Naomi Novik
The Wise Man's Fear – Patrick Rothfuss
Iron Kin – M. J. Scott
Flashback – Dan Simmons
Banner of the Damned – Sherwood Smith
Dust – Joan Frances Turner
Transgalactic -  A. E. Van Vogt
Judgment at Proteus – Timothy Zahn

Carina ebooks:

Mindlink – Kat Cantrell
Clockwork Mafia – Seleste deLaney
Valor of the Healer – Angela Highland
Falke's Renegade – Anna Leigh Keaton & Madison Layle
Soul Sucker – Kate Pearce
Lost City Shifters: Rebellion – Eleri Stone

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