Friday, 15 March 2013

Artist Spotlight: Ellen Jewett

Someone mentioned Creatures From El after my last artist spotlight post, and I must say, she does incredible sculptures.

From her Etsy profile:

Ellen was born in Markham Ontario and raised among mildew and snails. She took to shaping three dimensional forms naturally at a young age. To Ellen sculpting has always been about life, biological narratives and cultural statements. The tedious hours of labor act as the mysterious foundation from which each sculptures' personality springs forth.
In 2007 Ellen completed her post secondary education with a degree in Biological Anthropology and Art Critique from McMaster University. She had already started Creatures from El in 2005 and upon graduation plunged into it full time, never looking back.
When working in her studio Ellen enjoys the company of animals and listens to audio books and podcastes. She finds this immersion in thought and ideas helps create the depth of spontaneity in her sculptural narratives.

You can commission artwork from her and see her galleries on Etsy and Deviant Art.

Here are just two examples of her amazing work.
Dragon and White Tiger
Otter With Mechanical Wings

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