Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Medieval Fragments

Literary Agent Janet Reid posted about this blog post on tweeting, by a medieval historian over at a site called Medieval Fragments.  Intrigued, after reading that post, I started reading others on the site.  And boy, are they fun.  They're on a range of interesting topics, from how scholars can sometimes read previous text on reused manuscript pages, to how manuscript liturgical music would sound when performed, to places manuscripts have been discovered.  And those are just the last three posts. :)

Their 'about us' page states:

This is the project blog of “Turning Over a New Leaf: Manuscript Innovation in the Twelfth Century” based at the Institute for Cultural Disciplines, Universiteit Leiden.  You can find out more about our research interests by clicking this link
Led by Erik Kwakkel, paleographer and intellectual historian at the Universiteit Leiden, the project brings together an international team of researchers  from the Netherlands, Ireland, Canada and America.  Erik is investigating how the physical appearance of the medieval manuscript evolved in the ‘long twelfth century’. Irene O’Daly, postdoc on the project, is looking at the use of classical manuscripts in medieval education. Jenny Weston, PhD student, is examining medieval reading practices. Julie Somers, PhD student, is researching medieval women scribes.

There are nice photos illustrating the blog posts and some fun information on offer.  Wish I'd found this site earlier.

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