Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cradle of the Scar Webseries

A while back I blogged about Peter Orullian's webseries that tied in with his debut novel: The Unremembered.  Well, the 6 part series is complete and well worth watching.  Each episode centers around various characters view of the same event, a foundling child being left for the exile in the Scarred Lands to find homes for or raise himself.

From the author's site: 

Here's the thing that just tickles me: If you watch this and then read the book, you'll have a deeper context for a few of the events and moments in the novel. You don't need to see these for the book to work, of course. It's additive story. It's like finding an Easter egg. But I've been enjoying some instances of the movement that's meant to describe this entire approach: transmedia. It's a highfalutin term, but indeed even Hollywood is now hiring producers and directors who can do this kind of thing—working across multiple media to tell related stories in or of the same universe.

The videos can all be found on the media page of the author's website.   Next month I'll be posting an interview with Mr. Orullian, so stay tuned for that.

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