Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Kobo E-Reader

For our upcoming trip to Japan, I bought my husband a Kobo e-reader. Here's what came in the box: the reader, a usb cord and quick start instructions. Right now you also get one of three promotional books for free (in addition to the 100 preloaded books). We got Stieg Larsson's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

I'm not too keen on the screen's way of blacking out in order to refresh/turn (I don't like things that flash in my face) and my husband wishes e-readers would pre-render the next page so turns go faster. Still, it's a nifty reader and weighs less than the comparable books would.

I'll tell you after the trip how it holds up.

We chose not to get the optional holder. The reader's pretty robust and the reading screen's fairly small and, since it's e-ink, smudges don't show up that well.


John D. said...

Looking forward to your thoughts after a little usage. I, too, was unhappy with the screen refreshes I've seen on eReaders (though I haven't seen Kobo's).

The Brillig Blogger said...

I'll be very eager to hear more about what you think of this. I played around with one for a few minutes at BEA.