Sunday, 20 June 2010

Japan Trip - Tsukiji Fish Market

Our first full day in Japan was spent in the Tokyo area. I'd counted on jet lag to get us up early, and we headed for Tsukiji fish market.

Above is a video of the street we had to cross to get from the side with the flea market and restaurants, to the fish market proper. And below are two photos of what the market looks like. We were there after the auction, when things were wrapping up.

Many of the seafood items were sold live. Including what looked like baby eels.


Kaz Augustin said...

Even in the modern supermarkets here (Malaysia), you'll find tanks or tubs of live fish, usually catfish. I'm still surprised to see mostly dead crabs on ice. I'm used to seeing them for sale all tied up with string and alive and snapping! You do the deed at home. ::cue ominous music::

Jessica Strider said...

China town in Toronto sells live shellfish, but I don't think I've ever seen live eels for sale before Japan.

Of course, not everything's as authentic. I saw frozen sushi being sold at Costco yesterday. :\ That's just wrong.