Monday, 21 June 2010

Japan Trip - Kyu Shibarikyu Park and Zojoji Temple

After visiting the fish market, we went back to Hamamatsucho station (where we transferred from the train line to the subway). We'd noticed a park and decided to go back and check it out. The park, Kyu Shibarikyu, provided hours of entertainment. The weather was threatening rain, so we took the opportunity of taking pictures with the knowledge that there were pavilions where we could hole up if rain did fall.

The garden was gorgeous. And as the clouds went away and the sun came out, so did the wildlife, including numerous turtles, birds and butterflies.

Also near Hamamatsucho station, are Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple.

Like most temples, Zojoji had a well maintained cemetery. It also has hundreds of little statues called mizuko jizo. These statues are donated by those who have lost children through stillbirth or abortions. Here's a New York Times article about them, if you're interested in knowing more.


Anrake said...

Looks like a good start to the trip. Did you notice the new Tokyo Tower (Sky Tree) going up?

Jessica Strider said...

It was a good start to the trip though it was probably a bit much, considering it was our first day (and we were still jet lagged). We walked to Tokyo Tower but didn't go up. Which was fine. I was up several years ago, when I was still a die hard anime fan (and seeing the Tower was a 'necessity' at that time).

I haven't heard of the Sky Tree. But I looked it up and with all the tall buildings in Tokyo I can imagine Tokyo Tower not being tall enough to broadcast signals around them. Guess anime are going to get a new tower. That will probably be worth a trip up once it's completed.