Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Unsung Stories Launches Unsung Signals

Unsung Stories is a British genre fiction imprint of Red Squirrel Publishing that looks for:

...the fuzzy bits between genres: hard, soft, gooey and fuzzy sci-fi, high, low, top, middle and bottom fantasy, slipstream, alternative history, steampunk, cyberpunk, space opera, weird, dark, comedy, satire and anything else that falls somewhere between any or all of those.
Launched in January, Unsung Signals is a digital only line that publishes mid-length fiction, stories that are too long for magazines but too short to be published as books.

And like everything else we do, we are accepting un-agented submissions. So if you have work between 5-30,000 words long – a novella, a collection of stories, something great that's just that bit too long for everywhere else – let us know. You can submit via our form.
Their first title is Winter, a novella by Dan Grace where:

...a violent future of the failed Union meets the mythic and pagan past. As man reaps the harvest of war, utopian hopes vie with apocalyptic fears. Winter sets in.

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