Friday, 25 March 2016

Geeky Baking - Lego Chocolates

Looking for a nice gift for a geeky love interest?  I've seen lego gummies in several places, but when gifting things to adults gummies aren't necessarily the best choice.  So I took my faux lego moulds (purchased off of ebay) and made chocolates instead.

I made several coloured blocks using a mix of coloured candy melts and flavoured baking chips.

I melted the chocolates in a bowl in the microwave and poured them into the moulds to harden.  Now, I used some flavourings with the plain candy melts so they'd taste different.  Just be aware that essences and extracts aren't the same thing.  The strawberry essence I used (a few drops was sufficient) was strongly flavoured.  The maple extract I used required more drops to add the flavour and significantly darkened the chocolate (as the extract acted like black dye).  Also, the butterscotch and peanut butter chips I bought didn't melt nearly as well as the chocolates.  I ended up having to squish the clay like mixture into the moulds with my fingers.

The brick colours/flavours I used:

white - mint chocolate drops (the ones I used had little candy bits on the ends, which looked great in the bricks)
off white - sugar cookie flavoured candy melts
red - red candy melts + strawberry essence
blue - blue candy melts + maple extract
green - butterscotch chips + green food colouring
brown - peanut butter chips

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