Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Indigogo SF Short: Interkozmosz - Film About a Sci-fi Geek

I got a notification last week about another SF short film looking for funding, this time on Indigogo.  It's by Hungarian writer and director Béla Bánhegyi.

So, what's it about?

Bandi is a 51-year old fanatic sci-fi geek. He grinds his days lonely in a small Hungarian village and he subsists on repairing electronic devices as a self-employed. His parents died, he does not have any friends and he has minimal relations with the external world. Since his childhood he has collected everything that is related to space research, astronomy and science fiction: magazines, films, news articles and pieces of information. His devotion has grown exceptionally when the country's exclusive space telecommunications ground station was built when he was 15. He is convinced that the station receives and broadcasts extra-terrestrial transmissions therefore his greatest dream is to enter the facility once. In spite of the unsuccessful 35 years that have passed innumerable petitions and experiments his devotion has remained unbroken. Owing to the film we can track one of Bandi’s Sundays by getting acquainted with his individual views and closed world: his unusual routines, awe-inspiring collection of relics, his radio broadcasting station furnished at the parish and his secret room guarded by 7 locks. 
 You can find out more about the project on their Indigogo page.  Funding starts at $10 and consists of an HD download of the 20 minute film.

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