Friday, 10 May 2019

Spain part 4: Madrid

We didn’t have much time in Madrid. We finally got to see the tropical garden at Atocha train station (our 3rd time there). We spent several hours at the archaeology museum, which has a reproduction of part of the Altamira prehistoric cave paintings and the original Visigothic crowns (reproductions are at the Visigothic museum in Toledo). 

We took a stroll through El Retiro park in the evening.

Our last full day in Spain, we wandered the city, seeing some of its old squares, the palace gardens, and the Temple of Debod, an actual ancient Egyptian temple saved from destruction when the Aswan dam was created.

I visited a lot of smaller museums and churches and took TONS of pictures. If you're interested in hearing about some of those, or the larger sites in more detail, tell me and I'll do some deep dive posts.

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