Wednesday 7 September 2016

Video: Dressing in late 14th Century Armour

I saw this on facebook via Lou Anders' page.  It's cool to see all the different ties and buckles that were used to put armour on.  No wonder knights had to be dressed by squires.  There's no way to put many of these things on yourself.

From Ola Onsrud's youtube video description:

A video shoving how to dress in and wear armor (harness) from late 14th century. The harness is a detailed reconstruction based on the effigy of the Black Prince (1330-1376) in the Canterbury Cathedral, other relevant effigies, paintings in 14th century manuscripts and late 14th century armour displayed in The Royal Armories in Leeds.

From his facebook page:
Those who have participated in the reconstruction of the harness are:
Basinet and breastplate made by Albert Collins (via armorari)
Sabatons, plate legs and gaunlets made by Russell Thomas
Plate arms Roman TereschenkoKnight belt and necklace made by Jakub Vácha / Klinštejn ShopMail supplied by GETDRESSEDFORBATTLE© (
Sword form Albion Swords Limited LLCFittings for belts and scabbard from Tods StuffI (Ola Onsrud) have done all customizing of the mail, made all textile/clothing and leatherworks.

He's got a video on 14th C target practice and one on 13th C armour, that goes over how he made and modified some of the pieces.

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