Thursday, 21 November 2013

Changes Ahead

From now until the end of December I’ll be working crazy hours at the store, so while I’m hoping to keep the blog running as normal, I won’t have much time for commenting or replying to emails.  You’ll probably see more reviews (for films as well as books) than usual, as well as Shout-out posts (as they’re fast to put together).  I do have a reading list queued up and will have at least one recommended reading post (I should have 2, but we’ll see if I get the responses back in time).

With the World's Biggest Bookstore closing next spring (and no, we don't have a firm closed to the public date yet, though we have to be out of the building by April 30th) there will also be some changes to the blog.  I’m not sure how much will change.  My original plan was to stop doing author interviews, as my interview style was designed for browsers at the store.  But a conversation with an author has made me question that decision.  More on that in January when I have time to consider my options and do a poll to see if you’d like me to continue doing author interviews.  I won’t have any interviews for December or January, as I don’t have time to set them up and, if I do continue them, I’ll have to rework my questions, which will take time as well.  But I do have an interview with Ann Leckie going up tomorrow, so please stop by for that.

Similarly I probably won’t do reading lists anymore (after December's If you like... try... list), as those are challenging enough with the books in front of me.  My new author spotlights are morphing into reading unbound, though I may keep those separate.  Again, I’ll have to consider this in January. 

I hope your holiday season isn't as insane as mine, and that you have some time to spend with your loved ones.

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