Thursday, 15 December 2011

Portable North Pole

UGroupMediaInc has been running the Portable North Pole for several years now, and if you've not tried it, it's a lot of fun.  Basically you tell them some information about someone you know (spouse, child) and they send you a personalized video of Santa 'checking his list' to see if they've been naught or nice.  You can then forward the video link to the recipient.  This year you can even purchase a downloaded copy of your video (otherwise is disappears after the holidays).   Remember to untick the box if you don't want them to share your email info with their sponsors. 

I've sent these to my husband a few times, using a kitty picture rather than a photo of him.  I can only imagine how much fun it would be to send this to a child.  :)

Here's a video I did for my cat.  Her name is Mittens, but if you have an unusual name Santa just says 'my friend', so I changed it to Violet so you can see how the personalization sounds.  I put her on the naughty list to see what the video would say.  :P

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Anonymous said...

I sent one to my daughter (7) last year, she absolutely loved it.