Thursday, 7 July 2011

Genre News: Giveaways!

Seems there are a lot of giveaways happening, so I thought I'd publicize a few of them.  These are all 'open to the world', so wherever you live, here's the chance to win some awesome books.

First up, Angry Robot Books is celebrating their 2nd birthday, and want to give away some books.  They're giving away one physical set and one set of ebooks of all the books they've published in the past 2 years.

To win, send a Hallmark style poem worthy of the occasion by July 14th to: mike.ramalho (at) angryrobotbooks (dot) com, Subject: Birthday Poem.

They've also started selling merchandise, so if you want an Angry Robot t-shirt, mug, skateboard, etc. in the UK or US, check out their sites.

Next up, Fantasy & SciFi Lovin' News and Reviews is giving away a copy of Steven Gould's 7th Sigma.

Welcome to the territory. Leave your metal behind, all of it. The bugs will eat it, and they’ll go right through you to get it…Don’t carry it, don’t wear it, and for god’s sake don’t come here if you’ve got a pacemaker.

The bugs showed up about fifty years ago—self-replicating, solar-powered, metal-eating machines. No one knows where they came from. They don’t like water, though, so they’ve stayed in the desert Southwest. The territory. People still live here, but they do it without metal. Log cabins, ceramics, what plastic they can get that will survive the sun and heat. Technology has adapted, and so have the people.

Kimble Monroe has chosen to live in the territory. He was born here, and he is extraordinarily well adapted to it. He’s one in a million. Maybe one in a billion.

In 7th Sigma, Gould builds an extraordinary SF novel of survival and personal triumph against all the odds.
For your chance to win, fill out the form on her site by Wednesday July 27th. 

Finally, Paperback Writer (S.L. Veihl / Lynn Veihl) is offering 7 copies of Shadow Walkers by Brent Hartinger as well as signed copies of her own book, After Midnight.  You've got until midnight EST on Friday, July 8 to post a comment with "the title of the last book you read that you enjoyed, and why (or if you're in a reading slump, just toss your name in the hat)".

Shadow Walkers is a teen thriller.  Watch his book trailer to learn more about it.

This isn't a book giveaway, but it is free, 20th Century Fox is offering a free iPhone/iPad app for their upcoming film, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, in theaters August 5th.

The free app poses an intriguing question: are you smarter than an ape?  Based on an actual intelligence test done at Kyoto University, it parallels the central storyline of the new studio’s upcoming film, in which a scientist’s tampering with the laws of nature leads to the development of superior intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy.
In addition to the game, the app offers access to the latest content about Rise of the Planet of the Apes, including the theatrical trailer, movie tickets (when available), and the “Apes Will Rise” YouTube channel.   You can also learn more about the history of the tests that measured apes’ surprising intelligence. 
For more information about the app, check out their website.

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