Thursday, 9 September 2010

Local Artist Showcase Part 2

Here's the second batch of artists whose business cards I picked up at Fan Expo. Of course, there were a lot more artists than this, many of them fantastic.

First up today is Panda Pad. I almost bought the example print then realized I had nowhere to put it, so I'm posting it here to show the complexity and simplicity of Genevieve Tan's work. She had other, more colourful pieces, but I loved how she kept this stark and all the detail in the dress.

We bought some magnets from Moonlight Whispers, who has several categories of items for sale at her shop as well as a nice gallery of fantasy and other art. Here's one of her magnet designs.

Next up is Bluefeathers. Mengling Chen has a decent collection of artwork, some in a gothic style others anime or steampunk inspired.

Christopher Yao at yaozagraphics does mostly cartoon artwork.

The last artist is a bit different. Rather than working with paper, Cheryl Garrett-Jenkins works with glass out of her Rubyeyes gallery. She does mostly custom work, but even when she doesn't, her items are all one of a kind.

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