Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Books Received

I tend to get sporadic books from publishers, to the point that I haven't had to do a 'books received post' before. Ultimately, if I requested the book or agreed to review it in advance, I'll review it - whether it be negative or positive. If books are sent without such an agreement, then I consider it within my rights to not finish the book (if I'm not enjoying it), thereby preventing the need to post a negative review.

I understand the value of negative reviews, I simply don't enjoy writing them. I'm an aspiring writer. I can empathize with the pain of reading a negative review of my book. But I'm also a book blogger and reviewer, which means I will post a negative review if I have taken the time to finish a book and didn't like it.

The following are books I received in the past month or so. They will all be reviewed here, like them or not (I'm pretty choosy about the books I request, so expect more positive than negative reactions). After this, as this list is mostly new titles, I'll be reading a few 'for fun' titles (ones I've pushed aside because there hasn't been time to read them), followed by some mix titles (this is where I even out my reviews - adding more SF or whatever genre I haven't read recently).

Bespelling Jane Austen - Mary Balough, Colleen Gleason, Susan Krinard, Janet Mullany (Harlequin - via NetGalley)
The Sevenfold Spell - Tia Nevitt (Corina, Harlequin - via NetGalley
Eon - Alison Goodman (Penguin)
Shades of Milk & Honey - Mary Robinette Kowal (TOR)
Crown of Crystal Flame - C.L. Wilson (HarperCollins - via NetGalley)
Empire in Black & Gold - Adrian Tchaikovsky (PYR)
Cold Earth - Sarah Moss (House of Anansi Press)
Wondrous Strange - Lesley Livingston (HarperCollins)

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