Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Video: DIY miniature fairy garden kits

Yesterday I went on pinterest and stumbled across a picture of a miniature dollhouse room built inside a metal lamp. A friend of mine wants to make a dollhouse one day, so I sent her the link. As it didn't credit the maker, I tried a google search image on it and fell down the rabbit hole of do it yourself miniature dollhouse kits.

Now, I'm interested in very small scale miniatures (see my egg dioramas and my book sculpture). I didn't think there were kits designed for the scale I prefer. And while the videos below show kits that are a little bit larger, I can't wait to try one of them! I can only imagine the skills I'll learn, building the tiny furniture myself, making the plants using the provided materials, using beads to make all sorts of foods, flowers, lamps, etc.

So, why post this on my SF blog? Two reasons:
1. They're so darn cute, and sometimes having a related hobby is helpful (I want to make a witch's workshop, but other fantasy - and even SF - scenarios can be done too).

2. As much fun as trying to figure stuff out by yourself can be, it's always good to see how others do things. With these kits, I'll learn skills I won't otherwise learn. Seeing videos is great (now that I know they exist), but there's no substitute for actually doing something yourself. Writing is a solitary endeavour, but you can learn a lot by reading books by others. Books on craft, but also books you love and books you hate. What does the author do to pull you into the story? How do they handle dialogue? What does another author do that makes you want to throw the book across the room? How do you avoid doing those things? Analyzing other authors' works can help you improve your own.

Here are two videos on making a fairy garden kit. Welcome to the rabbit hole.

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