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Science Fiction and Fantasy Coming in April, 2014

This book is compiled using Amazon's Canadian site and as such reflects Canadian release dates.  For some reason Amazon includes 9-12 aged titles in with their teen/YA books, so I tried to edit those out.  I may have missed a few.  I also added in the Carina ebooks.  


The Goblin Emperor – Katherine Addison
The Furies – Mark Alpert
Multiverse: Exploring Poul Anderson’s Worlds – Greg Bear & Gardner Dozois
Steles of the Sky – Elizabeth Bear
Shipstar – Gregory Benford & Larry Niven
Transhuman – Ben Bova
Peacemaker – C.J. Cherryh
Saucer: Savage Planet – Stephen Coonts
Unwrapped Sky – Rjurik Davidson
Jack in the Green – Charles de Lint
The Book of Silverberg – Garnder Dozois & William Schafer, Ed.
The Revolutions – Felix Gilman
Afterparty – Daryl Gregory
Games Creatures Play – Charlaine Harris & Toni Kelner, Ed.
Irenicon – Aidan Harte
One Was Stubborn – L. Ron Hubbard
Baltic Gambit – E.E. Knight
Valour and Vanity – Mary Robinette Kowal
Warhammer 40K: Horus Heresy: Visions of Heresy – Alan Merrett
The Adjacent – Christopher Priest
The Forever Watch – David Ramirez
Thornlost – Melanie Rawn
Demi-Monde: Fall – Rod Rees
XOM-B – Jeremy Robinson
Cauldron of Ghosts – David Weber & Eric Flint 

Trade Paperback:

What the Family Needed – Steven Amsterdam
The Line of Polity – Neal Asher
Heaven’s Queen – Rachel Bach
Lexicon – Max Barry
The Godwhale – T.J. Bass
Dark Eden – Chris Beckett
Binding the Shadows – Jenn Bennett
Covenant – Sabrina Benulis
Balance Point – Robert Buettner
Pack of Strays – Dana Cameron
Upon a Sea of Stars – A. Bertram Chandler
Elements – Suzanne Church
Warhammer 40K: Galaxy in Flames – Ben Counter
Quicksilver Soul – Christine D’Abo
Lovecraft’s Monsters – Ellen Datlow, Ed.
Winds of Salem – Melissa de la Cruz
Over My Head – Charles de Lint
Kraken Bake – Karen Dudley
The Ophelia Prophecy – Sharon Lynn Fisher
The Shattered Crown – Richard Ford
Wild West Exodus – Craig Gallant
Ink Mage – Victor Gischler
Two Serpents Rise – Max Gladstone
You – Austin Grossman
Space Opera – Rich Horton, Ed.
Spawn – Shaun Hutson
Revelations – Paul Antony Jones
River of Stars – Guy Gavriel Kay
Yellowstone Four – Ken Kilner
Blood Bargain – Maria Lima
No Lasting Burial – Stant Litore
New Watch – Sergei Lukyanenko
The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything – John MacDonald
The Disestablishment of Paradise – Philip Mann 
Skin Deep – Megan Martin
Star Trek: Fallen Gods – Michael Martin
Promise of Blood – Brian McClellan
Trinity Stones – L.G. O’Connor
Warhammer: Gotrek & Felix: The Serpent Queen – Josh Reynolds
Deadroads – Robin Riopelle
The Chalk Giants, Kiteworld & The Grain Kings Omnibus – Keith Roberts
The Immortal Collection – Eva Garcia Saenz 
Cocoon – David Saperstein
New Sight – Jo Schneider
Orbitsville, A Wreath of Stars & The Ragged Astronauts Omnibus – Bob Shaw
Operation Shield – Joel Shepherd
Fiend – Peter Stenson
Hollow World – Michael Sullivan
Battle Royale: Remastered – Koushun Takami (new translation by Nathan Collins)
The End of Never – Tammy Turner
Green Planets: Ecology and Science Fiction – Gerry Vanavan & Kim Stanley Robinson, Ed.
The Last Confession of the Vampire Judas Iscariot – David Vermont
A Dance in Blood Velvet – Freda Warrington
Ithanalin's Restoration – Lawrence Watt-Evans
Dragon Age: The Masked Empire – Patrick Weekes
The Best of Connie Willis – Connie Willis
Robot Uprisings – Daniel Wilson & John Joseph Adams, Ed.
The White Mountain – David Wingrove
The Delving – Jes Young
The Sky so Heavy – Claire Zorn

Mass Market Paperback:

Silver Mirrors – A. A. Aguirre
Circle of Desire – Keri Arthur
Dragon’s Luck – Robert Asprin
Guardian – Jack Campbell
Earth Afire – Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston
Dark Serpent – Kylie Chan
Protector – C.J. Cherryh
Peacemaker – Marianne De Pierres
Shards of Time – Lynn Flewelling
Portal – Eric Flint & Ryk Spoor
Aliens – Alan Dean Foster
Dragon Age: Asunder – David Gaider
The Tangled Bridge – Rhodi Hawk
Marked – Alex Hughes
Appalachian Overthrow – E.E. Knight
The Fearful Gates – Ross Lawhead
Star Wars: Into the Void – Tim Lebbon
Forever Knight – John Marco
Star Trek: Serpents in the Garden – Jeff Mariotte
Reign of Ash – Gail Martin
If Wishes Were Horses – Anne McCaffrey
Warhammer 40K: The Greater Good – Sandy Mitchell
Stone Cold – Devon Monk
Limits of Power – Elizabeth Moon
Grunt Life – Weston Ochse
Morningside Fall – Jay Posey
Edge of Tomorrow – Hiroshi Sakurazaka
Shanghai Sparrow – Gaie Sebold
World of Warcraft: Vol’jin: Shadows of the Horde – Michael Stackpole
Circle of Blood – Debbie Viguie
House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion – David Weber
Chimera – David Wellington


Vengeance of the Hunter – Angela Highland
Twisted Miracles – A.J. Larrieu
Golem in my Glovebox – R.L. Naquin
Fire of Stars and Dragons – Melissa Petreshock
Survive to Dawn – P.J. Schnyder
Inhuman – David Simpson
Ladder to the Red Star – Jael Wye


Deity – Jennifer Armentrout
Promises to Keep – Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Remnants – Lisa Bergren
Lost in Thought – Cara Bertrand
Frozen – Erin Bowman
The Here and Now – Ann Brashares
Born of Illusion – Teri Brown
Daylighters – Rachel Caine
Death Spiral – Janie Chodosh
On the Eighth Tin – Adrian Cory
Invisibility – Andrea Cremer & David Levithan
The Inventor’s Secret – Andrea Cremer
The Ring and the Crown – Melissa de la Cruz
The Taking – Kimberly Derting
Salvage – Alexandra Duncan
Plus One – Elizabeth Fama
The Creeper – Emerald Fennell
Zombies Don’t Surrender – Rusty Fischer
Towering – Alex Flinn
Deception’s Princess – Esther Friesner
Spirits Chosen – Esther Friesner
Light – Michael Grant
Starfall – Michael Griffo
Dangerous – Shannon Hale
Rebel Belle – Rachel Hawkins
Burn Out – Kristi Helvig
The Curse of Maleficent – Elizabeth Hessler
Sweet Reckoning – Wendy Higgins
Stolen Songbird – Danielle Jensen
The Hunt – Stacey Kade
The Rules – Stacey Kade
Illusion – Sherrilyn Kenyon
Inferno – Sherrilyn Kenyon
Bye, Bye, Evil Eye – Deborah Kerbel
The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf – Ambelin Kwaymullina
Victories – Mercedes Lackey & Rosemary Edghill
Dark Triumph – Robin LaFevers
Witchfall – Victoria Lamb
A Whisper in Time – Elizabeth Langston
Toxic Heart – Theo Lawrence
The Loop – Shandy Lawson
The Wish – Gail Carson Levine
Brightling – Rebecca Lisle
Prodigy – Marie Lu
Falling to Ash – Karen Mahoney
Carnival of Souls – Melissa Marr
Talker 25 – Joshua McCune 
Meridian – Josin McQuein
Parallel – Lauren Miller
The Elementals – Sandra Mitchell
The Cracks in the Kingdom – Jaclyn Moriarty
Sunrise – Mike Mullin
Dorothy Must Die – Danielle Paige
The Originals – Cat Patrick
The Legend Thief – E.J. Patten 
Expiration Day – William Campbell Powell
Another Little Piece – Kate Karyus Quinn
Resurrection – Amy Carol Reeves
Of Breakable Things – A. Lynden Rolland
Under Nameless Stars – Christian Schoon
Afterlife – Dee Schulman
The Secret Circle – L.J. Smith 
Natural Born Angel – Scott Speer
Star Cursed – Jessica Spotswood
Icons – Margaret Stohl
Door in the Mountain – Caitlin Sweet
Dreams of Gods & Monsters – Laini Taylor
Reboot – Amy Tintera
Darkbound – Scott Tracey
Creators – Tiffany Truitt
Souls Screamers – Rachel Vincent
Where the Rock Splits the Sky – Philip Webb
Noggin – John Corey Whaley
House of Ivy & Sorrow – Natalie Whipple
Under the Light – Laura Whitcomb
Silver – Chris Wooding
The Balance – Neal Wooten

The Treatment – Suzanne Young

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