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Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in October 2013

There might be more errors/omissions than usual this list as Amazon's SF/F listing wouldn't go far enough back for me to do this the way I normally do.  Instead, I had to go through SF and fantasy separately.  I also added the YA category back in.  I noticed some kids books creeping into the list, which I then deleted, but be aware that there might be some kids books.  Oh, and I used the US page (which, come to think of it, might be why I had trouble) rather than the Canadian one.  So these reflect the US release dates.  As always, release dates are subject to change.  If you spot a mistake, please tell me in the comments and I'll correct it.


Balfour and Meriweather in The Incident of the Harrowmoor Dogs – Daniel Abraham
Esrever Doom – Piers Anthony
Allegiance – Beth Bernobich
Behind the Sofa: Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who – Steve Berry, Ed.
Dark Talisman – Steven Booth
The Necromancer's House – Christopher Buehlman
Star Trek: The Stardate Collection, Vol 1 – John Byrne, Patrick Zircher, Greg Adams & Josep Maria Beroy
Autumn Bones – Jacqueline Carey
Copperhead – Tina Connolly
Memory of the Trees – F. G. Cottam
Childless – James Dobson & Kurt Bruner
The Last Dark – Stephen Donaldson
1636: The Devil's Opera – Eric Flint & David Carrico
The Power of Twelve – William Gladstone
Parasite – Mira Grant
After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse – Charlaine Harris & Lisa Desimini
Doctor Who The Vault: Treasures from the First 50 Years – Marcus Hearn
Johannes Cabal: The Fear Instituted – Jonathan Howard
The Cusanus Game – Wolfgang Jeschke
Fiendish Schemes – K. W. Jeter
Dead Set – Richard Kadrey
Day One – Nate Kenyon
Bastion – Mercedes Lackey
Love in the Time of Metal and Flesh – Jay Lake
The Last Man Standing – David Longo 
The Republic of Thieves – Scott Lynch
Old Mars – George Martin & Gardner Dozois, Ed.
Summer's End – Lisa Morton
Pachyderme – Frederik Peeters
The Wolves of Midwinter – Anne Rice
The Heavens Rise – Christopher Rice
Path of Anger – Antoine Rouaud
Veil of the Deserters – Jeff Salyards
The Estate – Craig Saunders
The Violent Century – Lavie Tidhar
The End of Love – Marcos Girald Torrente & Katherine Silver
Luminous Chaos – Jean-Christophe Valtat & Mahendra Singh
The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett – Daniel Wallace, Ryder Windham & Jason Fry

Trade Paperback:

Escaping Home – A. American
Tesseracts Seventeen – Colleen Anderson & Steve Vernon, Ed.
Rage's Echo – J. S. Bailey
In the Company of Thieves – Kage Baker
The Obsidian Heart – Mark Barnes
Tomorrowland – Joseph Bates
Steal the Day – Lexi Blake
Katabasis – Joseph Brassey, Cooper Moo, Mark Teppo & Angus Trim
Coins of Chaos – Jennifer Brozek
Light – Nathan Burgoine
The Demon Abraxas – Rachel Calish
Dreams and Shadows – C. Robert Cargill
Cold Blooded – Amanda Carlson
Iron Guard – Mark Clapham
The Wasteland Saga: Old Man and the Wasteland, The Savage Boy, and The Road is a River – Nick Cole
The Diamond Deep – Brenda Cooper
The Law of Superheroes – James Daily & Ryan Davidson
A Dance of Cloaks – David Dalglish
In Space No One Can Hear You Scream – Hank Davis
Knights Templar: A Secret History – Graeme Davis
The Night Eternal – Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan
Tales of the Wold Newton Universe – Philip Jose Farmer
Man in the Empty Suit – Sean Ferrell
The Science of Herself – Karen Joy Fowler
Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales – Paula Guran, Ed.
Gotrek & Felix: City of the Damned – David Guymer
His Sacred Bones – Ginn Hale
Theodore Savage – Cicely Hamilton
Lighthouse Island – Paulette Jiles
Child of Time – Bob Johnson
Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth – Stephen Jones, Ed.
Dying is my Business – Nicholas Kaufmann
Trollslayer – William King
Scarecrow Has a Gun – M. P. Kozlowsky
Warhammer 40K: Salamanders Omnibus – Nick Kyme
Autodrome – Kim Lakin-Smith
A Sojourn of Sorts – Douglas LeBlanc
Ancillary Justice – Ann Leckie
Lucia's Masks – Wendy MacIntyre
Fire Logic – Laurie Marks
Layman's Report – Eugene Marten
The Book of Ash – John McCaffrey
Red Hill – Jamie McGuire
Things Withered – Susie Moloney 
Dead North: Canadian Zombie Fiction – Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Ed.
Rogue Calls / Carbon Harbour – Garry Thomas Morse
The Quorum – Kim Newman
Robert Asprin's Dragon's Run – Jody Lynn Nye
Kabu Kabu – Nnedi Okorafor
Saving Morgan – M. B. Panichi
Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm – Philip Pullman
The Educated Ape and Other Wonders of the World – Robert Rankin
The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs – Mike Resnick & Robert Garcia, Ed.
Jack Glass – Adam Roberts
Heartwood – Freya Robertson
Omega – Jeremy Robinson & Kane Gilmour
Was – Geoff Ryman
Children of the Uprising – Trevor Shane
The Man Who Rained – Ali Shaw
Waking up Dead – Emma Shortt
E. E. 'Doc' Smith, SF Gateway Omnibus: The Skylark of Space, Skylark Three, Skylark of Valeron, Skylark Duquesne – E. E. Smith
Magellania – Jules Verne
The Palace Job – Patrick Weekes
Doctor Who: Summer Falls and Other Stories – Amelia Williams, Melody Malone & Justin Richards
Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Culture – Ytasha Womack
Flatland: The Early Days – Frannie Zellman

Mass Market Paperback:

Battleground – Terry Adams
Bronze Gods – A. A. Aguirre
Luck of the Draw – Piers Anthony
Kiss the Night Goodbye – Keri Arthur
The Beautiful Land – Alan Averill
Dream London – Tony Ballantyne
Bronze Summer – Stephen Baxter
The Lost Stars – Jack Campbell
Dark Currents – Jacqueline Carey
Rising Sun – Robert Conroy
King Breaker – Rowena Cory Daniells
Spellbound – Sylvia Day
Abyss Deep – Ian Douglas
Dragon Age: The Calling – David Gaider
Star Wars: Ewocks: Shadows of Endor – Zack Giallongo & Dave Marshall
Cursed – S. J. Harper
Ever After – Kim Harrison
Black Heart – Christina Henry
Herbmaster of Tarodash – Colin Hollis
A Study in Darkness – Emma Jane Holloway
Hellhound – Nancy Holzner
Darkship Renegades – Sarah Hoyt
The Scribe – Elizabeth Hunter
Star Wars: Annihilation – Drew Karpyshyn
Star Wars: The Clone Assassin – Steven Kent
The Clone Rebellion – Steven Kent
Redoubt – Mercedes Lackey
V-Wars – Jonathan Maberry, Ed.
Star Trek: A Ceremony of Losses – David Mack
The Disappearances – Gemma Malley
The Cassandra Project – Jack McDevitt & Mike Resnick
My Lady Quicksilver – Bec McMaster
Tour of the Merrimack – R. M. Meluch
Imager's Battalion – L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
Merge / Disciple – Walter Mosley
All is Fair – Emma Newman
Accidentally in Love With... A God? – Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Firebrand – Gillian Philip
Death and Mr. Right – Kendra Saunders
Kris Longknife: Defender – Mike Shepherd
Prince Rescue Me's Ride to Ruin – Lynne Tapper
Ecko Burning – Danie Ware


Vampire Games – Tiffany Allee
Redemption – C. J. Barry
The Dark Age of Apollos – Paul Moses Burrow, Jr.
Trancehack – Sonya Clark
Realm Walker – Kathleen Collins
Secret Unleashed – Sierra Dean
The Mountain's Shadow – Cecilia Dominic
Blood of an Ancient – Rinda Elliott
Paint it Black – John Hartness
Pushing Luck – Elliott James
Taste of Passion – Renae Jones
Rogue's Possession – Jeffe Kennedy
Agamemnon Frost and the Crown of Towers – Kim Knox
Nightlife – Matthew Quinn Martin
Wicked Misery – Tracey Martin
Battle Scars – Sheryl Nantus
Death Bringer – Kate Pearce
Whatever Happened to Billy Parks – Gareth Roberts
Undead Chaos – Joshua Roots
Redemption – Stephanie Tyler
Disenchanted & Co pt2: His Lordship Possessed – Lynn Viehl

Y. A. Fiction

Horde – Ann Aguirre
Altered – Gennifer Albin
Crewel – Gennifer Albin
Skulk – Rosie Best
Sorrow's Knot – Erin Bow
The Never Fade – Alexandra Bracken
Martyr's Fire – Sigmund Brouwer
Evanescent – Andria Buchanan
Entangled – Amy Rose Capetta
The Crimson Crown – Cinda Williams Chima
The Shadowhunter's Codex – Cassandra Clare & Joshua Lewis
Endless Knight – Kresley Cole
One Crow Alone – S. D. Crockett
The Eye of Minds – James Dashner
The King's Assassin – Stephen Deas
The Company of Ghosts – Berlie Doherty
Arthur Quinn & Hell's Keeper – Alan Early
The Lethal Target – Jim Eldridge
The Owling – Robert Elmer
Fearsome Dreamer – Laurie Eve
Starlight Grey – Liz Flanagan & Valeria Docampo
Beautiful Redemption – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
Venus Angel – Susan Gates
Dragonfly – Julia Golding
Blythewood – Carol Goodman
The Dollhouse Asylum – Mary Gray
Slayers – C. J. Hill
Waterfell – Amalie Howard
Skyship Academy: Strikeforce – Nick James
Romeo Redeemed – Stacey Jay
Death and the Girl He Loves – Darynda Jones
The Iron Traitor – Julie Kagawa
The Brokenhearted – Amelia Kahaney
Teardrop – Lauren Kate
No Angel – Helen Keeble
Blinded by the Light – Joe Kipling
Hero – Alethea Kontis
Pull Down the Night – Nathan Kotecki
Flutter – Gina Linko
Backward Glass – David Lomax
Jet Black and the Ninja Wind – Leza Lowitz & Shogo Oketani
The Princess in the Opal Mask – Jenny Lundquist
Desert Tales – Melissa Marr
Rags & Bones: New Twists on Timeless Tales – Melissa Marr & Tim Pratt, Ed.
Scarlet in the Snow – Sophie Masson
Necromancing the Stone – Lish McBride
The Indigo Spell – Rachelle Mead
Midnight City – J. Barton Mitchell
Allure – Lea Nolan
The Field – Tracy Richardson
Grail of Stars – Katherine Roberts
Tainted – A. E. Rought
The Invisible Kingdom – Rob Ryan
Endless – Jessica Shirvington
Unsouled – Neal Shusterman
Renegade – J. A. Souders
Shadowlark – Meagan Spooner
Blood Bound – Keshia Swaim
Phantom Eyes – Scott Tracey
Merlin's Shadow – Robert Treskillard
Second Verse – Jennifer Walkup
Treecat Wars – David Weber & Jane Lindskold
Black Out – Robison Wells
The Other Book – Philip Womack

Rebel Heart – Moira Young

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