Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Winner of the Ready Player One Contest Announced Tonight

Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One, hid an Easter Egg in his novel attached to video game challenges, and someone has completed them.  As announced on prweb:

To celebrate the release of the READY PLAYER ONE trade paperback this summer, author Ernest Cline held an epic video game contest. This real life contest mirrored the contest from the novel and included three increasingly difficult video game challenges and "gates" to clear - just like in the novel. Cline hid an Easter Egg in the form of a URL in both print editions of READY PLAYER ONE. When readers found the hidden clue, it led them to the first of three increasingly difficult video game challenges. Once through the first challenge and upon the opening of the second gate, players encountered a second video game challenge, designed by none other than Richard "Lord British" Garriott, the famous video game creator and the inspiration for READY PLAYER ONE character James Halliday.
Cline is now thrilled to announce that one fan has not only completed the first two video game challenges, but has just completed the third and final challenge: setting a new world record on Joust for the Atari 2600. Twin Galaxies has verified the record and we have a winner!
And the prize?  A 1981 DeLorean complete with Flux Capacitor.  The car will be awarded to the winner by Mr. Cline on G4s "X-Play" television show tonight at 6:30 pm Eastern time.

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