Saturday, 30 November 2019

Books Received in November 2019

Many thanks to Simon and Schuster for sending me the new Star Trek Discovery tie-in novel.

Star Trek Discovery: Dead Endless by Dave Galanter - I had mixed feelings regarding the first season of the show (haven't had the chance to see the second season yet). I really loved Stamets' character though. This sounds pretty interesting.

The U.S.S. Discovery’s specialty is using its spore-based hub drive to jump great distances faster than any warp-faring vessel in Starfleet. To do this, Lieutenant Paul Stamets navigates the ship through the recently revealed mycelial network, a subspace domain Discovery can briefly transit but in which it cannot remain. After responding to a startling distress call originating from within the network, the Discovery crew find themselves trapped in an inescapable realm where they will surely perish unless their missing mycelial fuel is found or restored. Is the seemingly human man found alone and alive inside the network the Starfleet officer he claims to be, or an impostor created by alien intruders who hope to extract themselves from the mycelial plane at the expense of all lives aboard Discovery?

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