Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Manga Review: Heaven’s Design Team volume 1

Story by: Hebi-Zou and Tsuta Suzuki, Art by Tarako

Pros: great art, quirky characters, real creatures, examines why mythological creatures can’t exist

Cons: some adult humour

After God finished making the heavens and the earth, he needed creatures to populate it. He didn’t want to spend the time making all those creatures Himself, so He outsourced them. The team that got the job is pretty eclectic. One of them is so proud of the horse he made, that all his new designs incorporate them (hello pegasus and unicorn). Before designs can be approved however, they must pass the feasibility test by the team’s engineer to prove that they can actually survive on the planet.

This is a fun manga, with great black and white artwork and a quirky story. Each chapter ends with a page explaining the real creatures that inspired those approved in the story (and some of them are pretty weird). I love hearing the engineer explain why certain designs can’t work. I also loved seeing some of the designers fight, using evolution to create different versions of their creatures that can better compete for resources/survival.

It is a bit adult, in that one character constantly explains the, ahum, mating requirements of males, so this may not be appropriate for younger readers.

If you’re looking for a manga that’s fun and different, this fits that bill.

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