Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Met Gala Costumes

I don't normally pay attention to fashion based things, but twitter's exploded with photos from the Met Gala a few days ago, where costumes to the theme of Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

I'm not sure what the legalities are of posting copywrited photos on my blog, so I'll just be linking to articles where you can see the outfits. Vogue has a great post with all the dresses. Below I list some of my favourites.

Zendaya's Joan of Arc costume (for a front angle, the Vogue article shows it from the back) was my personal favourite. I loved the weightlessness of her faux chainmail. I loved how there are plate mail pieces at her shoulders and hips. While it's in no way practical armour, it is feminine and gorgeous.

Katy Perry went as an angel, with beautiful wings. Cara Delevingne had a stark black lace (?) dress that... while not something I'd want to wear is certainly arresting. I love the geometry of it. It's got a bit of knight and a bit of inquisition going on. I loved the beadwork on Jeremy Scott and Cardi B's outfits. Made me think of Renaissance cleric mixed with a Spanish bull fighter. Priyanka Chopra's red velvet dress with the gold headdress looked amazing. I think her outfit would have paired well with Andrew Garfield's red suit jacket + black bowtie ensemble. Blake Lively's embroidered dress was stunning. Lana Del Rey managed to wear a costume that not only depicts the sacred heart but also a seraphim (with 6 wings) growing out of the halo on her head.

Author Jeanette Ng has a brief twitter tutorial on how to make your own cable tie halo like the one sported by Amber Heard. It sounds like a strange idea but looks absolutely amazing spray painted gold (or black, depending on the look you're going for). If I knew a place I could wear it, I'd make one too. ;)

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