Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Kickstarter: Daedalus video game

I got an email this morning about a kickstarter SF game Daedalus. I'm still reeling from the results of the US election (no, I'm not American, but this election effects the world). This morning I woke up feeling lost in a dystopian future I never expected to be a part of...

Anyway, on to the game. It's a Telltale style quick time event game detailing the final month of an orbital exploration crew's tour when things start to go wrong.

Here's a proper synopsis from their kickstarter page:

The game takes place in the hard sci-fi After Reset™ universe. In the 22nd century, several years before the "Reset" (a thermonuclear apocalypse that nearly ended human civilization), the crew aboard the Daedalus Space Station is eager to return home from a yearlong orbital exploration of Venus and Sun. Only thirty days remain until the next crew rotation, but Matt Cramer, an astronaut from the crew, begins to has unnatural dreams full of horrors that are about to become a reality.
Yet as the days count down to zero, strange events begin to unfold. Crewmates succumb to accidents or rumors of murder, communications go dark, and everyone grows increasingly on edge as conspiracy theories abound. Though help is on its way, you must survive long enough for it to arrive.

The kickstarter is to fund the first episode, though some of the rewards are for season passes. They mention in the rewards that it will be available for PC, Mac, and Linox via Steam and Gog.

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