Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Kickstarter - Statisticity, an Interactive Dystopian Novel App

Yaron Glazer emailed me last week about his project, which begins phase 2, a kickstarter campaign, today.

Phase 1 is a facebook and twitter timeline that "narrates in headlines from the future (with links to curated articles and pictures from the present) just how today’s trends in science, technology, and geopolitics led to tomorrow’s dystopia, elaborating the details of a spiraling climate crisis."

In the future he imagines, China has risen to dominance.

Phase 3, which the kickstarter campaign is funding, is an interactive ebook app that includes an already completed novel set in future Shanghai, with a lot of extras (artwork, bios, maps, etc).

For $20 you get the ebook download, for $50 you get the download and physical book.  There are, of course, other options as well.

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