Wednesday, 10 July 2013

SF Tidbits

1) Ian Sales has put together a list of 100 great science fiction stories written by women starting from 1927.  Looks like some of them are available online.  I recognize a lot of the names though I've never been a big short story/novella fan.  Still, I may check some of these out.

2) Are you a Back to the Future fan?  David Guy Levy and Jeffrey Spokes have created a comic, Back to Back to the Future, exploring what might have happened had Eric Stoltz not been replaced by Michael J. Fox in the role of Marty McFly.

From IGN's article:
But it's not just an alternate "what if" tale; in the story, the filmmakers of Back to the Future go back in time to make sure that Stoltz never lost the role. The series has been made to raise money for the Young Storytellers Foundation, and organization that uses one-on-one mentoring to help underprivileged kids develop literacy through the art and craft of telling stories.
The first three issues are free, with the last three issues costing $2 each, with the proceeds being donated to the Young Storytellers Foundation.  The free issues are all live, and you can find PDFs of issues 1 and 2 here, here and the MTV Geek website with issue 3 here.  Or, you can just go to Mr. Levy's website where all 6 issues are available.

3) Finally, Brad Beaulieu posted this video on Google +.  It's by Not Literally.  The video's got spoilers for season one, great singing and some fantastic costumes (especially Arya and Cersci).

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