Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bookwork Blues: Special Needs in Strange Worlds Month

This month Bookworm Blues is hosting a themed month on disabilities as portrayed in science fiction and fantasy.  It's a fantastic topic, one that's avoided because, as she mentions in her introductory post, " many people are either afraid to talk about it because it’s a sensitive issue, or can’t think of anything to say because no one has brought attention to it before".

I had the idea a year or more ago to do an endcap with books containing protagonists (or important secondary characters) with disabilities.  I eventually discarded the idea because I couldn't think of a way to display the books without sounding... less than polite about it.  Both in terms of titling the display, but also by having one in the first place.  It's the kind of thing that gets pushed aside for pc reasons, but also because as a society we try not to talk about things that make us uncomfortable.

Now I wonder why I was so afraid to bring attention to books that showcase - or at least bring attention to - those with disabilities.  Thankfully I didn't toss my list.  In fact, I've added to it.  I'm hoping to expand it some more and post it some time this month.

Thank you Sarah for creating a theme month that addresses this sensitive topic.

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