Friday, 2 March 2012

Sail to Success

I heard about this a month ago, but as there still seem to be places available, I figured I'd mention it here.  Phoenix Pick, whose free ebook this month is The Big Jump by Leigh Brackett (use coupon code: 9991393) is sponsoring a cruise with publishing professionals.

Sail to Success.  
on board a luxury cruise liner visiting the Bahamas.  

They've got some great participants: Literary Agent Eleanor Wood, Baen Books publisher Toni Weisskopf, Jack Skillingstead, Mike Resnick, Rebecca Moesta, Nancy Kress, Paul Cook and Kevin Anderson.  I've seen several of these people speak before and they're fantastic.  It's an all-inclusive cruise in the Bahamas, and if I didn't have vacation plans already this year (and didn't work retail where taking vacation during the Christmas season is nigh on impossible) I'd be temped by this.  The cruise takes place from December 3-7 and leaves from Miami.  Full details available here.

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