Friday, 26 March 2010

Lyrebird - Sometimes Fantasy Can't Compete With Reality

I love fantasy novels. I love the different worlds people have created. I love the various mythologies drawn upon to populate these worlds, both animals and people. I love medieval bestiaries, and their explanations of animals, real and imagined. I love creating my own creatures.

But sometimes I forget that the real world has some pretty amazing creatures in it as well. Animals with characteristics it would never have occurred to me to give a fantasy creature I create.

Like the lyrebird. It's mating call includes the sounds of other birds and things it has heard in the forest (animal and man) in order to impress a mate. Things like cameras and chainsaws. And this bird is an incredible mimicker.

The first video is taken from Mackaframmalamma's youtube site.

The second is from the Adelaide zoo, which apparently had construction done. The bird mimics some human speech and it's electric screwdriver is pretty impressive. It's taken from RZSSA's youtube site.

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