Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ladyhawke, Movie Review

Director: Richard Donner
Released: 1985

Pros: a fascinating plot, interesting characters, excellent scenery, good music

Cons: (I first saw this film as a child and have loved it ever since. I can't think of any cons, but I'm biased. The closest I can come is to say that some of the dialogue seemed rather cheesy upon this latest viewing.)

One of my favourite movies, I decided to watch it again after a long hiatus.
The story tells of the escape of pickpocket and liar Philipe Gastone (Matthew Broderick), from the inescapable dungeons of Aquila. He is rescued from the captain of the guard's attempt to recapture him by former captain Etienne Navarre (Rutger Hauer).

Navarre wants Philipe to get him into Aquila so he can kill the Bishop, the man who cursed him to be a wolf by night and his love, Isabeau (Michelle Pfeiffer), a hawk by day.

The movie alternates between action packed fight scenes and quiet scenes where you learn about the tragedy destroying the protagonists. There is enough humour to prevent the film from becoming too maudlin. Which is a concern as it deals with redemption as well as revenge.

The music is atmospheric and uses synthesizers to good advantage. It's a bit peculiar at first but fits the film magnificently. Ladyhawke was filmed in Italy, giving it glorious backdrops of mountains, authentic castles and dark forests.

I highly recommend it.

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