Friday, 9 March 2018

Celebrating Women's Writing in SFF

I missed International Women's Day yesterday (as I miss most of these things). This morning I saw someone tweet their desk filled with books by female authors, and I thought, I can do something like that.

So here are books I own (physically and digitally), written by women, that I can recommend. It also highlighted a few gaps in my ownership (no Hunger Games or Parable of the Sower??). I've mostly separated them into SF and fantasy, though the fantasy image has a few historical fiction books on the bottom left. Note, I own a lot more fantasy novels in general, as it was my preferred subgenre until more recently, hence the disparity between the SF and fantasy piles.

I hope you find something new here, or something you realize it's time to reread!

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john yarrow said...

Ann Leckie is a great writer/author. Loved her Ancillary Series. Doesn't hurt that she won the Nebula and Hugo award for her first book in the series!