Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Strange Fictions Press Launches New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Zine

The press release:

Science fiction and fantasy book imprint Strange Fictions Press is delighted to announce the official launch of their new webzine, Strange Fictions SciFi & Fantasy Zine. Strange Fictions Zine focuses on publishing speculative short fiction, nonfiction, art, and poetry twice a week for genre fans worldwide.

Strange Fictions is the latest project from the editors of The Battered Suitcase, launched in 2008. The editors add: “Working with a broad range of authors is just too addictive, and it’s exciting to be back to publishing short fiction again. We really missed the ability to reach new readers on a frequent basis.”
Vagabondage Press is not new to genre fiction, having previously launched their horror and dark fiction imprint, Dark Alley Press. Their roots are truly in genre fiction; raised on the classic pulp sci-fi magazines, and the company found itself gravitating more frequently to genre books ― science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Adding an online periodical seemed like a natural way to connect with other fans.
Strange Fictions SciFi & Fantasy Zine officially launches on Feb. 28 with “This Chicken Outfit,” by Pushcart nominated author, A.L. Sirois. Siriois’ short stories have appeared in Thema, Amazing Stories, and Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. He has also contributed comic art for DC, Marvel, and Charlton.
New stories, poems, and essays will appear every Tuesday and Friday. Subscribers can sign up for email notifications whenever a new story is posted.
Strange Fictions SF&F Zine is open to submissions from both new and experienced genre writers, and details can be found at the website.

If you're interested in submitting, here are their pay rates from their website:

Text Pay Rates: For online Strange Fictions SF&F ‘Zine acquisitions, we offer a flat-rate payment for both digital publication and possible addition to our print anthologies. Authors of acquired pieces for Strange Fictions SF&F ‘Zine will receive a flat fee payment of $5 for stories, essays, poetry, and book reviews of 4,999 words and under and $10 for stories, essays, poetry, and book reviews of 5,000-10,000, words. Payment is made upon publication via PayPal.

Art Submissions: For art submissions, artists will be paid $2 per accepted 72dpi or 96dpi image for non-exclusive rights. Images at 300dpi for print publication can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis after digital publication. Previously shown or published works are acceptable.

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