Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2015 Blog Resolutions

So it's a new year again, a time for fresh starts and, well, let's be honest, doing the same old thing, because that's what we're used to doing.

I didn't get much reading done over the holidays so I'm currently catching up on some review books. I'll have those reviews up in the coming weeks, though I may not get a book a week this year the way I somehow managed for most of last year.

I did pretty well with the history reading last year, and I'm hoping to continue that this year while still reviewing a good number of new and old SFF titles.

I would like to bring back a column I tried to start... last year?, but that work and other things got in the way of called Reading Unbound.  The point of the column is to highlight authors outside the regular circles.  If I can get it up and running it's a bit time consuming so it wouldn't be a weekly thing, but I may throw it into my Friday circuit.

I've also wanted to do a series of pieces on medieval plants and what they were used for.  I've several books to research this in, but again, it would be time consuming, so I'll see if I get that going or not.

I'm going to keep doing the shout-out posts.  I like promoting things that otherwise fly under the radar.  And I really miss suggesting books to people.  It was one of the best aspects of being a bookseller.

If there's a column you love and want me to keep or if you have suggestions for my blogging, leave a comment. :)

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