Thursday, 21 July 2016

Shout-Out: Voyagers

It's nice to see more middle grade science fiction coming out.  Hooking kids on reading when they're young is important if we want a robust future SF/F readership.  This is a series of 6 books, each written by a different author.

The first book Project Alpha, came out last year:

The entire future of our planet will soon be in the hands of four kids. Sure, they’ll be the best in the world . . . but can they save the world?

Earth is about to go dark. Without a new power source, life as we know it will be toast. A global competition is under way to determine who will join the secret mission that might just save us all. The Voyagers will venture to the far reaches of space, farther than anyone’s ever gone before, and they must be prepared to face anything.


But first the Voyagers team needs to be chosen. Project Alpha is a competition of physical challenges, mental puzzles, and political alliances. The battle is fierce, and only four will make the cut...

The last book, The Seventh Element, was released earlier this month.

In addition to books, the series has an interactive website with a quiz, several games, bonus content, and more.

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