Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Cascade Writers

I got an email from the founder of Cascade Writers, a non-profit organization in the Pacific Northwest that's been putting on SFF writing events.  They're looking for publicity to help increase attendance at their events and increase funding so they can host more of them.  

They've got a free talk coming up on the 22nd in Renton Washington with Ken Scholes, Laura Ann Gilman and Heather Roulo.  They've also got a small - limited to 25 attendees - writing workshop this summer.  It costs $250 (there's a scholarship you can apply for), not including accommodations, etc, and they've got professionals (authors, editors) running the critique groups as well as speaking.

They're planning a free one-day workshop by John Scalzi this fall at the Tacoma Public library and partnering with other libraries for more events.  If you're in Washington state, sounds like they're doing awesome things.

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