Friday, 16 September 2011

Reading List: Starved for SF?

As with all my reading lists, this one isn't meant to be comprehensive, just to give ideas and point out books that may otherwise be missed.  SF seems to be making a comeback, with a lot of new titles being released in the past few months.  For those of you who have been waiting for this and want some reading suggestions, here's a list of newer (published in the last 5 or so years) authors.  I've added in a few new titles by more established authors but not many.  

I haven't subcategorized the books.


Embedded – Dan Abnett
Grimspace – Ann Aguirre
Close Encounters – Katherine Allred
Twisted Metal – Tony Ballantyne
Zoo City – Lauren Beukes
Nexus: Ascension – Robert Boyczuk
Ariel – Steven Boyett
Necropath – Eric Brown
Exodus: The Ark – Paul Chafe 
To the Galactic Rim – A. Bertram Chandler
Leviathan Wakes – James Corey
Song of Scarabaeus – Sara Creasy
A Grey Moon Over China – Thomas Day
Omnitopia Dawn – Diane Duane
Amortals – Matt Forbeck
7th Sigma – Steven Gould
Reality 36 – Guy Haley
Damage Time – Colin Harvey
Stark's War – John Hemry
Hellhole – Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson
A Soldier's Duty – Jean Johnson
Bot Colony – Eugene Joseph
Timecaster – Joe Kimball
State of Decay – James Knapp
Touched by an Alien – Gini Koch
Germline – T. C. McCarthy
Soft Apocalypse - Will McIntosh
The Recollection – Gareth Powell
Veteran – Gavin Smith
Prophets – S. Andrew Swann
Deadstock – Jeffrey Thomas
One Jump Ahead – Mark L. Van Name
Ragnarok – Patrick Vanner
The Noise Within – Ian Whates
Marseguro – Edward Willett
Mirrored Heavens – David Williams
Major Karnage – Gord Zajac

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