Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Book Review: Canticle by Ken Scholes

Pros: political intrigue, plot twists, tense atmospheres

Cons: many aspects of this book are merely set-ups for the next in the series

***Minor Spoiler Alert***

Canticle is book 2 in the Psalms of Isaac.  It's been 9 months since the events of Lamentation  and a celebration is under way to welcome Rudolfo's heir to the Ninefold Forest Houses.  When tragedy strikes, the people of the already devestated Named Lands learn that the outside threat they feared is closer than they think.

All the principles are back, rushing towards their destinies, though none of the end results they're expecting.  Neb finally gets to go to the Churning Wastes, Winters takes up her crown, Jin Li Tam becomes a true queen and her father comes face to face with those who really orchestrated the destruction of Windwir.

The only negative is that some of the events are a little drawn out and feel like they're just to facilitate events in the next book - particularly Neb's storyline.

Ultimately, it's a great book with lots of intrigue, down time for character development and plot twists you won't see coming.

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