Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in August 2009


Jasmyn – Alex Bell
The Return – Ben Bova
The Child Thief – Brom
A Princess of Landover – Terry Brooks
The World of Shannara – Terry Brooks
Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Abyss – Troy Denning
Consorts of Heaven – Jaine Fenn
Grandville Gazette V – Eric Flint
Land of the Dead – Thomas Harlan
The Winds of Dune – Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson
Prospero Lost – L.J. Lamplighter
Nine Gates – Jane Lindskold
Nights of Villjamur – Marc Charan Newton
Flight of the Renshai – Mikey Reichert
Vanished – Kat Richardson
The Sheriff of Yrnameer – Michael Rubens
The Dame – R.A. Salvatore
The Sunless Countries – Karl Schroeder
Hitler's War – Harry Turtledove
Elfland – Freda Warrington
Dragon Lance: Dragons of the Hourglass Mage – Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
Order in Chaos – Jack Whyte
Ace of Skulls – Chris Wooding
Forgotten Realms: Dragon War – James Wyatt

Trade Paperback

Mammoth Book of Mind-Blowing Science Fiction – Mike Ashley, Ed.
City at the End of Time – Greg Bear
Magic Kingdom of Landover, vol 1 – Terry Brooks (reprint)
Magic Kingdom of Landover, vol 2 – Terry Brooks (reprint)
Five Hundred Years After – Steven Brust
The Last Theorem – Arthur Clarke & Frederik Pohl
Belisarius III: The Flames of Sunset – Eric Flint
The Path of Razors – Chris Green
The Red Tree – Caitlin Kiernan
Star Trek: SCE: Out of the Cocoon – Willian Leisner
Republic of Thieves – Scott Lynch
The Storm Witch – Violette Malan
Cold Kiss of Death – Suzanne McLeod
Beowulf's Children – Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle & Steven Barnes
Haunting Beauty – Erin Quinn
Necrophenia – Robert Rankin
Toxic Planet – David Ratte
Bleak History – John Shirley
Spider-touched – Jory Strong
Wolfbreed – S. Andrew Swann

Mass Market Paperback

Bitter Angels – C.L. Anderson
Penumbra – Kerri Arthur
Merlin's Dragon – T.A. Barron
Harmony – C.E. Bentley
Ariel – Steven Boyett
Hunting Ground – Patricia Briggs
High King's Tomb – Kristen Britain
Watermind – M.M. Buckner
Cape Storm – Rachel Caine
Patriots – David Drake
Eifelheim – Michael Flynn
Quofum – Alan Dean Foster
EVE: The Empyrean – Tony Gonzales
Paul of Dune – Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson
The Internal Darkness – Kevin Hosey
Conan the Destroyer – Robert Jordan
Forgotten Realms: The Edge of Chaos – Jak Koke
War Hammer 40K: Salamander – Nick Kyme
The Phoenix Endangered – Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory
War Hammer 40K: Empire – Graham McNeill
Heroes at Risk – Moira Moore
In the Blood – Adrian Phoenix
Exile - - & Glory – Jerry Pournelle
Another One Bites the Dust – Jennifer Rardin
Underground – Kat Richardson
Very Hard Choices – Spider Robinson
Redemption Alley – Lilith Saintcrow
Fortune & Fate – Sharon Shinn
Retribution – Jeanne Stein
Dragons & Dwarves – S. Andrew Swann
Heardland – Mark Teppo
Crystal Healer – S.L. Veihl
The Summer Palace – Lawrence Watt-Evans
Decay Inevitable – Conrad Williams
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – Sean Williams

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