Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Why posts are getting few and far between.

I don't generally like posting 'personal' things here, but I would like to explain why posts have gotten fewer over the past month or so and are likely to remain sparse for the month to come. I recently moved from Toronto (involving much packing and other chores) and got married (cue chaos).

Now that the wedding is out of the way I should have more time - theoretically. I'm in the process of settling into my new home and new life, so I don't have as much time to plan endcaps and set up interviews. I did anticipate this so I have a Robert J. Sawyer interview in the works coming soon. And I intend to do my Coming Soon list for June. But don't expect any book reviews for the next month or so. I seem to have very little time for reading at the moment. In addition to the above, I'm planning on attending Book Expo America in NYC in May and want to polish up (and hopefully finish) a few manuscripts before that time. So again, little time for reading and reviewing.

I'm hoping to post more often again starting in June. In the meantime, thanks for reading my blog!


Peter V. Brett said...

Congratulations on the wedding!

Jessica Strider said...

Thanks! :D