Monday, 17 November 2008

Superheroes Reading List

This list doesn't try to include all books written about superheroes, it's trying to bring to attention several books normally overlooked that are about superheroes. Namely, books shelved in places other than science fiction - at least in my store. To pad it out (as there aren't that many) I have added a few more popular titles. And don't forget - if you're looking for superheroes and you don't want to read the comics/graphic novels, there are quite a few superhero novelizations (both for movies and for the comics, of which some are listed here).

Books are listed in no particular order.

Superpowers - David Schwartz
Hero - Perry Moore
All My Friends are Superheroes - Andrew Kaufman
Those Who Walk in Darkness, What Fire Cannot Burn - John Ridley
It's Superman - Tom DeHaven
Toxic Avenger - Lloyd Kaufman
The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay - Michael Chabon
Who Can Save Us Now - Owen King and John McNally, Ed.
The Last Days of Krypton - Kevin J. Anderson
Heroes: Saving Charlie - Aury Wallington
Batman Begins - Dennis O'Neil
Batman: Dark Knight - Dennis O'Neil
Batman: No Man's Land - Greg Rucka
Batman: Fear Itself - Michael Reaves
Batman: Gothic Knight - Louise Simonson
Constantine Hellblazer: Subterranean - John Shirley
Constantine Hellblazer: War Lord - John Shirley
DC Universe: Lost Sons - Alan Grant
DC Universe: Time of Trial - Jeff Mariotte
Fantastic Four: What Lies Between - Peter David
Fantastic Four: Doomgate - Jeffrey Lang
Hellboy - Yvonne Navarro
Hellboy II: The Golden Army - Robert Greenberger
Incredible Hulk - Peter David
Iron Man - Peter David
JLA: Green Lantern: Heroe's Quest - Dennis O'Neil
JLA: Flash: Stop Motion - Mark Schultz
JLA: Exterminators - Christopher Golden
JLA: Superman: The Never-Ending Battle - Roger Stern
JLA: Wonder Woman: Mythos - Carol Lay
Spiderman: Darkest Hours - Jim Butcher
Spiderman: Down These Mean Streets - Keith Decandido
Wolverine: Weapon X - Marc Cerasini
Wolverine: Election Day - Peter David
X-Men: The Return - Chris Roberson
X-Men - Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Star Trek the Next Generation & the X-Men: Planet X - Michael Friedman

* I've created a newer list (2012), with all new books that you can find here.

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