Sunday, 13 July 2008

New Author Reading List

As summer is here (finally) I thought I'd post a list of books by newer authors (by which I mean authors who have only one or two books in print). Naturally this is not a complete list, just a sampling of some newer fantasy and SF authors. The authors are listed alphabetically within their respective categories.

Science Fiction
Taylor Anderson - Destroyermen: Into the Storm
Ann Aguirre - Grimspace
Tobias Buckell - Crystal Rain, Ragamuffin
Jeff Carlson - Plague Year
Paul Chafe - Genesis
Brenda Cooper - The Silver Ship and the Sea
David Gunn - Death’s Head, Maximum Offense
Graham Sharp Paul - The Battle at the Moons of Hell
Mark L. Van Name - One Jump Ahead, Slanted Jack
David Williams - Mirrored Heavens

Steam Punk
Dru Pagliasotti - Clockwork Heart
S. M. Peters - Whitechapel Gods

Daniel Abraham - A Shadow in Summer, A Betrayal in Winter
Toby Bishop - Airs Beneath the Moon, Airs and Graces
Alan Campbell - Scar Night, Iron Angel
Chris Evans - A Darkness Forged in Fire
P.R. Frost - Hounding the Moon, Moon in the Mirror
Emily Gee - Thief With no Shadow
David Hillsborough - The Wanderer’s Tale, A Fire in the North
Jaida Jones & Danielle Bennett - Havemercy
Violette Malan - Mirror Prince, Sleeping God
Gail Martin - Summoner, Blood King
Jenna Rhodes - The Four Forges, The Dark Ferryman
Patrick Rothfuss - The Name of the Wind
Lisa Shearin - Magic Lost, Trouble Found; Armed and Magical
C.L. Wilson - Lord of the Fading Lands, Lady of Light and Shadows

Urban Fantasy
Ilona Andrews - Magic Bites, Magic Burns
Jes Battis - Night Child
Mark Del Franco - Unshapely Things, Unquiet Dreams
Caitlin Kittredge - Night Life
T.A. Pratt - Blood Engines, Poison Sleep
Anton Strout - Dead To Me

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