Thursday, 17 July 2008

A Darkness Forged in Fire

by Chris Evans

After being disbanded in disgrace the Iron Elves, elite troupe of the Empire, is being reformed. The catch: the only elf being recalled is Major Kanowa, the person who caused it to be disbanded in the first place. The mission: find the fallen 'mythical' red star and claim it for the Empire. The problem: they aren't the only ones looking for the star, and myths are becoming a lot more real wherever they march.

The battle scenes, using guns and cannons, bayonettes and fists, draw you into an era of history not generally utilized in fantasy, adding a sense of freshness to the traditional elements employed. And the misfits making up the Iron Elves quickly start grow on you.

Chris Evans has the ability to paint a fully realized desctiption in a single sentence. You don't read A Darkness Forged in Fire, you watch it in your mind. My only complaint in reading this book was that I was forced to take too many 'commercial breaks', disrupting the flow of the writing and lessening the impact of the conclusion. So do yourself a favour and read this on a quiet weekend when you'll have time to really let the story take you away.

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