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Sci-Fi Fan Letter Issue 17

World's Biggest Bookstore's Science Fiction and Fantasy Newsletter, January 2008

Fantasy Author Signing

Always wanted to say, “I knew that author before he/she was really famous”? Here’s your chance to meet 6 upcoming fantasy authors:
Patricia Bray (Devlin’s Luck, Devlin’s Honor, Devlin’s Justice, First Betrayal, Sea Change)
S. C. Butler (Reiffen’s Choice, Queen Ferris)
Jennifer Dunne (Luck of the Irish)
Jim C. Hines (Goblin Quest, Goblin Hero)
Violette Malan (Mirror Prince, Sleeping God)
Joshua Palmatier (Skewed Throne, Cracked Throne, Vacant Throne)
Ask them questions and get your books signed in store, Sunday January 13th at 1pm.

Skewed Throne
By: Joshua Palmatier

The Skewed Throne tells the story of Varis, a teenager who grows up on the Dredge, the marketplace between the slums and the city of Amenkor. There she learns to survive through skulking and theft, and hones her use of the ’River’, a form of magic that shows her the true nature of people.
There she meets Erick, a seeker (aka assassin) in the Mistress of Amenkor’s guard. Erick uses her skills to track those marked by the Mistress for death due to their crimes. In return he teaches her how to kill effectively. A skill that irrevocably changes who she is, putting her on a path she neither wants nor can refuse.

- Jessica Strider

Heroes Volume One
By: Various

Ever wondered “How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?”
I never used to. Until I started to watch Heroes.
Fortunately, I got the answer to that question when I watched the first season of the show. However, there were many other questions I had that the show never answered. Like: What were the events that led up to D.L. escaping from jail? Why were the first batch of bodies buried in the desert? How did the first generation of “heroes” meet? Luckily, the comic book takes things a step further than the show. It answers the basic questions the show does not, gives more background detail, and explores the roles of characters who didn’t get much air time, but, upon seeing them in the comic, were actually quite cool. Heroes the comic consists of great artwork and amazing storylines and is a definite must read for any Heroes fans.

- Mel

The Time Machine
By: H.G.Wells

One of the first stories that took on the idea of time travelling, H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine is a chilling prospect of humanity’s future. Many centuries from now, the human race breaks off into the Eloi, a peace-loving, yet weak and unintelligent race, and the Morlocks, a hard-working yet equally unintelligent race that preys on the Eloi. With the disappearance of his time machine, the Time Traveller must find his machine or wind up living in this horrible future for the rest of his life.
A frightening and fascinating look at the possible future of our society, The Time Machine is a classic to the science-fiction genre that should be read by all. Though very technical in the first three chapters, the rest of the book is so enjoyable and vivid that it feels as if you were travelling with the Time Traveller as he goes on his journey.

- DG-88

Coming in February: Hardcover:
Tracing the Shadow - Sarah Ash
Seekers of the Chalice - Brian Cullen
Magic of Twilight - S.L. Farrell
Outlaw Demon Wails - Kim Harrison
V: The Second Generation - Kenneth Johnson
In a Time of Treason - David Keck
Singularity’s Ring - Paul Melko
Victory Conditions - Elizabeth Moon
Manxome Foe - John Ringo & Travis Taylor
Transhuman - Mark Van Name & T.K.F. Weisskopf, Ed.

Trade Paperback:
Miles in Love - Lois McMaster Bujold
Jumper Griffin’s Story - Steven Gould
Midnight Reign - Chris Marie Green
Bright of the Sky - Kay Kenyon
Book of Atrix Wolfe- Patricia McKillip
Un Lun Dun - China Mieville
Elric the Stealer of Souls - Michael Moorcock
Biting the Bullet - Jennifer Rardin
Star Trek: Captain Kirk’s Guide to Women- John Rodriguez
Sword masters - Selina Rosen
Jemma 7729 - Phoebe Wray

Mass Market Paperback:
No Humans Involved - Kelly Armstrong
White Night - Jim Butcher
Emissaries From the Dead - Adam-Troy Castro
War Hammer: Hammer of Daemons - Ben Counter
Some Golden Harbor - David Drake
Strange Relations - Philip Jose Farmer
Into a Dark Realm - Raymond Feist
Boundary - Eric Flint & Ryk Spoor
Feast of Souls - C.S. Friedman
Borderland- Christopher Golden
Death’s Head- David Gunn
Mechwarrior: To Ride the Chimera- Kevin Killiany
War Hammer: Oath breaker - Nick Kyme
Mystery Date - Denise Little, Ed.
Blood King - Gail Martin
Maelstrom - Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
War Hammer: Scourge the Heretic - Sandy Mitchell
Whitechapel Gods - S.M. Peters
The Dragon’s Nine Sons - Chris Roberson
Star Trek: Epiphany - Joseph Sherman Susan Shwartz
Star Wars: Revelation - Karen Traviss
Marseguro - Edward Willett

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